LESSONS FROM GOD ~ Volumes 1 thru 5

LESSONS FROM GOD ~ Volumes 1 thru 5

Tribal Blessings

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Lessons from God by Carla Cameron

ABOUT THE BOOK: It is crucial in this day and hour to hear and to know the voice of God. Through Lessons from God, you will not only hear His voice but you will be drawn into deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created us to have a relationship with Him. His desire is to commune with us daily-to instruct us in the ways we should go. This book will strengthen, encourage, and inspire you to let go of past wounds and misconceptions, allowing God to show you the truth of who you are in Him. No longer will you be tempted to turn to man or the things of this world to fulfill the longings and desires of your heart; instead you will confidently turn to the One Who lovingly created you.

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