Snakes, Shofars and the Tribe of Dan - Dream

Conclusion: It’s time to pray for the Tribe of Dan - those called to govern in the natural and spiritual realms to take their rightful places releasing Bold decrees filled with honor and justice- to pick up their Robes of Righteousness and gavels and Govern with God… cc

In my dream I was driving and noticed a very large shofar, tan in color along side the road- I thought to myself who would leave their shofar on the road? 

The next scene in my dream - I was now walking towards that same shofar that was along side the road, and as I got closer I could see tan snakes that almost looked like shofars all around the actual shofar - I was not afraid of getting bit which was unusual since in the natural I am terrified of snakes- there were 5 snakes total - I woke up.

The first thing I did was look up what snakes are tan in color and I found 2 types of snakes that looked like the snakes in my dream - northern pacific rattle snake and the Western rattle snake, located in the mid states. (Texas)


I knew the dream was a warning of some kind but
I didn’t get revelation until I listened to Jessica Robbin’s great teaching on the tribe of Dan and how they were supposed to be Judges and part of the rear guard for the 12 Tribes. -  They stepped away from their calling - just as in my dream the Shofar was left behind - the mantle not picked up and the true sounds of Justice not released. 

 Here is the scripture that talks about the viperous snake along a road side 💥🎯 that was a blessing to the tribe of Dan who were called to be Judges…


Here is what I believe the Spirit revealed  after this knowledge -

The Judges in the PNW and Western states have become neutral (meaning of the color tan) and have either laid down or not picked up their Robe of righteousness/shofar to use their voice for the true judgments of God - instead they have stayed neutral, agreeing with the mindsets of men - just going with the flow and not standing in the Word of God. Not being the rear guard and protecting the people in need of true justice as they make their decrees and unholy judgments.

I believe the dream is a prayer call - to pray for the boldness and placement of the Judges in the natural and spiritual to pick up their righteous calling and speak the heart of God and stop being neutral…
I also believe the 5 snakes represented that God is extending the grace to repent and start Judging rightly with the word God. 💥

Carla Cameron

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